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Love dust... 23

 Liana just came back with Luisa and took back her place next to Mike who simply smiled at her. She looked for Mariana’s eyes to understand if anything happened while she was away but the short nod calmed her aching heart a little.

    “Actually…” Jiyong noticed their disguised communication “I came here for a totally different reason…” he said piercing Liana’s eyes who couldn’t hold it any longer and discharged two burning tears that she quickly hid pretending to snuggle against Mike’s arm.

    Ji’s eyes shot fire towards her and got ready to speak again when Daesung lost voice muted him.

    “Hy…hyung…” Dae babbled and everyone stared at Seunghyun who locked his eyes on Liana’s snuggle, freezing her.

    “Annyeong haseyo” Seunghyun took a short bow fastening Mike’s eyes.

    Mike couldn’t pronounce it but he also knew that in Asia bowing means saluting so he just copied Seunghyun’s gesture then stretched out his arm to also shake hands with him.

    “Good evening!” Mike said. “I am Michael Dobre” couldn’t say why but he felt the need to press on the name part.

    “It’s a pleasure to meet you!” Seunghyun shook Mike’s hand under the mesmerized faces of everybody.  “Did you tell them what you came here to say?” he shot Ji’s eyes.

    “A…ani hyung…” Ji answered sincerely understanding very well the true question.

    “Ah! Very well then! We… HE came here to let you know about the firework show that was planned for later tonight…” he started talking mostly to Mariana, just stealing a short glimpse to Liana from time to time.

    “Bul ggot nori*?...” Ji mumbled.

    “Ah… really?” Mariana saved them again.

   “Yes. We were supposed to have a firework show today…” Seunghyun almost smiled thinking that this lie wasn’t really that far away from the truth “…but unfortunately it got cancelled… unexpectedly”

    This final part stole a smile even from Liana.

    “They must be really important people…” Mike grabbed Liana’s hands when she was about to let go of him “… I mean for you to come all the way here, personally…”

    “Of course!” Seunghyun answered with a smile. “Children must be the most important wherever they go”.

    “Of course!” Mike agreed.

    “Well… then… we feel really sorry that they won’t be able to enjoy the show but please let them enjoy our…”

    “Ah, yes, yes!” Jiyong cut in.  “Well, we must leave now, our manager awaits us…”

    “Ah yes, yes! Thank you!” Mariana also interfered bowing to them.

    “Of course!” Mike bowed too. “Good bye! Good luck and have a nice show…”

   “Yes, thank you! Please enjoy…” Seunghyun said again before bowing and turning around to leave the room closely followed by Daesung and Jiyong.”Manager? Show?” Seunghyun whispered in Korean.

    “I already told them we were singers not painters” Ji explained.


    “Our faces were on the flayer…”

   “Why did you come here? What the hell were you planning to do??” he snapped at also whispering in Korean. “Don’t you know you could’ve caused her a lot of trouble??”

    “We got scared, hyung!” Daesung added “WE tried reaching you for 40 minutes…”


    “Every day was this boring?” Mike yawned throwing on the white sheets.

    “More or less…” Liana answered placing the clothes inside the closet.

    She wouldn’t go next to him, pretending to clean it but he startled her, hugging her from behind.

    “So?” he kissed her neck “Did you miss me?” he kissed her neck again.

    She rolled in his arms to face him but her mind played a trick on her and instead of Mike’s face, she saw Seunghyun’s and froze.

    “I really missed you…” Mike hungrily kissed her.

    She thought it could be easier, or at least she hoped so but every time he touched her, tears came to her eyes.

    “Are you ok?” he caressed her face.

    “Yes, of course I am!” she smiled and kissed him and to make sure he won’t be able to ask anything else, she took off his sweater.


    Darkness swallowed them one by one in thousands of yelling and acclamations. If he wouldn’t been dragged away by someone, Seunghyun would still be there on the stage even now when the lights turned back on.

    “Watch your step…” the soft voice of Taeyang guided him through the four steps stairs that they had to climb down in total darkness.

    “Thank you” he mumbled, then he took a deep bow to everybody he was passing by.

    “Hyung…” Daesung ran a little to catch him up. 

    He rolled and out of instinct he took a deep bow to him too.

    “Yah, hyung… are you ok?”

    “Why wouldn’t he be?” Seungri also caught them up.

    “Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?” Seunghyun smiled.

    “Our leader Kwon promised to buy us a good meal today!” the nosy Seungri jumped on top of Ji making him give a piggy back ride.

   “Now?...” Seunghyun looked for confirmation with Jiyong.

    “Why, hyung? You need to run again?” Seungri won a smack over his head from Seunghyun and Ji also threw him on the floor.

    “What? What did I do now?” he pouted.

    “Nothing!” Seunghyun coldly answered “Let’s go eat…” he said leading the way.

    Soon enough they were waiting for their food at a round, private table in a fancy restaurant. 

   “Hyung…” the usually smiley Taeyang frowned when the second bottle of wine landed almost empty in front of Seunghyun… and they were merely serving their first course. 

    “Wae*?...” Seunghyun asked innocently.

    “What are you doing?” Taeyang asked.

    “What am I doing?” Seunghyun kept his innocent look.

   “Hyung, I know you like to drink, but don’t you think this is too much?” the young Seungri was badly out of sync and made his senior’s fist land violently on the table.

    “Yah! You brat! Why do you always pick on me?? Do you have something to say??” Seunghyun burst out loud, even trying to get over the table and reach the shocked Seungri, but as soon as he tried to get up from his seat, the ground started moving so he had to sit back, equally loud.

     “Hyung… why are you like this…” Seungri barely whispered.

    “Just let him be today, ok, kiddo?” Daesung signaled Seungri to keep quiet.

    “Yeah, just today…” Ji added pouring another glass after Seunghyun drank that one too fast too.

   “Is there anything we must know?” Taeyang asked but he never got his answer, just a loud thud and the table setting shaking when Seunghyun’s head also landed next to the empty glass.

    “Finally!” ji said getting up. “Help me take him home” he spoke as he grabbed his friend’s arm.


    Liana checked the clock on the wall – it was already 6 in the afternoon. She sighed and stared at Mike who seemed to be quite asleep. As much as she wanted to think about something else, her brain was set only on Seunghyun's persona. She revised every little minute spent next to him. She even smiled thinking that she might be filming a really cheesy story...they only got to be together once and the 'villain' already appeared. She laughed again calling poor Mike 'the villain' and rolled on one side to face him - he slept so peacefully, she could almost kiss him. She frowned... of course she should kiss him! He was her husband after all! Her eyes glided on the clock again and suddenly it struck her! It was already half past 6 and she had to go meet Seunghyun at 7!! But... Did she really?... Couldn't she just think at Seunghyun as of a nice exotic experience? She laughed a little louder but quickly covered her mouth. She looked at Mike - he didn't move at all, that meant he was really asleep. She waved at him several time - still no movement so she laid back on the bed, facing the ceiling. She closed her eyes but Ji's words 'you'd better do something about it!' opened them wide. She checked on Mike again then slowly crept out of bed. It was almost 7 when she quietly closed the grey door behind her and checked the surroundings to make sure no one will see her; she hesitated all the way to the elevators and one last look back at the grey door put her finger on the elevators button. it came with its nosy ding and she stepped in. The doors closed as she pulled the black coat's hood over her head.


    A loud whine edged out from underneath the crumpled sheets.  Seunghyun stretched out his arms in an attempt to   chase away the numbness and he smiled when he felt the hand on his waist. He rolled around to greet the person who was hugging him but the bright smiled turned into an upset grin when instead of Liana, the one he thought would be hugging him, there was a sleeping Jiyong. He pushed him away with and angry "Yah!!" almost kicking him out of the bed.

    "Aish!" the sleepy Jiyong rebelled "What the hell man??"

    "What's wrong with you??" Seunghyun shouted but Ji's innocent eyes cut him off... It's not like it was the first time they fell asleep one next to the other. "Aish! Molla*!" he threw his legs out off the bed and got up. Next thing he knew he suddenly grabbed his head with both of his hands, otherwise he felt like it would literally fall off.

    "What the hell was in that wine?" he asked falling back on the bed.

   "And you barely had two bottles" Ji said sitting next to him.

   "Just two?..."


    Still holding his head, he rolled his eyes around the room when they stumbled upon the cracked cell phone screen.  Instantly the image of himself reading Liana's message hit him.

    "What's the clock??" he jumped up again, using just one hand to hold his forehead.

   "I don't know... 8 …something?" Ji answered trying to locate his own phone.

   "What??" he shuffled to the door.

   "Yah, Hyung! Where do you go??" Ji grabbed his arm.

   "I... just for a walk..." Seunghyun answered freeing himself easily.

   "Let me come with you!" Ji said following him.

   "Wae?" Seunghyun asked without stopping.

   "Because i don't trust you" Ji answered more sincere than he initially planned.

   Seunghyun stopped to stare at him for a short while, but instead of an upset look he could barely hold back his laugh.

   “Mwo? You think I’ll do something bad?” he mocked Ji who simply shrugged.  “I won’t get drunk again” he stole a smile from his friend again and they both suddenly stopped before exiting the building.

   “Hmp! Would you wait for me to bring an umbrella?” Ji asked staring at the heavy rain outside.   

   “No” Seunghyun answered rushing outside.

   Without knowing, after she went to the Bowling ball club, Liana took the same road to the little wooden church where she first admitted her crush on Seunghyun. Actually, to say the truth she was hoping that his whereabouts were somewhere near that church so she basically went looking for him. She didn’t even mind the rain, she was just discreetly checking on every car passing by her, without paying too much attention to anything else around her. This is exactly why she didn’t saw the two men running towards her.

   “Noona!” Seunghyun grabbed her in his arms.

   “What…” Liana pushed him away almost hitting him. “Oh, Kiddo!” she pulled him back in her arms, hugging him tight.

   “Gwaenchanh-a*?”   Seunghyun cupped her face to kiss her, making Ji stop in place.

   “Aish, pabo-ya*! Why wouldn’t I be?” she ruffled his wet hair, laughing.

   “Did he… found about us?” he asked and placed another kiss on her lips.

   “Not yet…” she answered choking on her words when she finally noticed the silhouette behind Seunghyun.


*bul ggot nori – fireworks

*wae – why

*molla – don’t know

*Gwaenchanh-a? – are you ok?

*pabo – silly, stupid

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