The legend of the White Wolf (Bigbang Fanfic)

“Deep in the woods, under the starry sky, in the warm breeze of freedom, they with a pure heart can hear the Almighty White Wolf’s war cry. Earth, sky and wind, they all know it. Can you hear it?”

His hands were shaking brutally. He couldn’t see anything else but his red-blooded palms. The blood was still creeping amidst his long, thin fingers. His breath almost stopped and his eyes wouldn’t blink anymore. He covered them with the back of his hands, but as if something really hot burned his face, he suddenly removed them.
Two discrete knockings on the door startled him so bad that a couple of burning tears fluttered his breath.  He tried to keep quiet but it became more and more difficult. Soft squeaking noises began leaving his lips. He bit the inside of his cheeks just to make their noises stop.
“Hyung!” a warm voice said from behind the door.
His eyes got bigger and hope enlightened them.
“Hyung, are you there?” the voice softly insisted.
He wanted to get to the door, but his body wouldn’t listen anymore and it just kept him crawled next to the bed.
“JiYong…” he tried to shout but his voice couldn’t break the whisper barrier. “JiYong-ah…” came the second attempt as quiet as the first.
JiYong, a 26-ish tall, skinny but highly attractive boy, blond hair and brown energetic eyes, stood behind the door listening. He glued his ear onto the door and thought he could hear his friend from inside.
“Hyung, are you there? I’m coming in!” he said pushing the door’s handle. “Hyung!” he rushed to his swinging, doubled over friend.
He was whispering something but Ji couldn’t understand what, he just kneeled before him, holding on his friends’ shaking hands. The mumbles sounded now like some sort of “JiYong-gi I don’t know… I really don’t know Ji…”.
“Ok, OK, it’s ok, hyung” Ji said hugging his friend, trying to calm his down, without realizing he borrowed the front-back movement.
A loud thunder froze them both.
“Umm… JiYonggi… What are you doing?” SeungHyun almost smiled at their posture.
SengHyun was an extremely handsome, tall man. He was about one year older than JiYong, but he had nothing of his friend’s boyish air – he was in fact really manly and one head taller.
“What?” JiYong unhooked him slowly. “Are you OK?” he asked again grabbing his friend’s face in his hands.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” SeungHyun prepared to answer when his own blooded hands caught his eyes. “JiYonggi!! What’s this?~” he jumped up checking himself.
Since he couldn’t find the wound that would’ve cause this intense bleeding, he started freaking out.
“No, no it isn’t mine either!...” Ji quickly said when SeungHyun tried to check him up too.
Two knoks on the door froze them again. SeungHyun stared at Ji terrified.
“Yes?” Ji asked pointing to his friend to keep calm.
“Room service!” came the answer from behind the door.
“In a minute!” he said again slowly stepping forward to the door.  “Everything’s gonna be alright” he whispered to SeungHyun when he looked at him with teary eyes. 

            After a few more steps Ji opened the door in a move. He froze in place – there was no one there. He stepped outside throwing  an eye around. Except the cart that should’ve been managed by the  room service personnel, there was  else there. Like something hit him in the back of his head, he quickly startled and rushed back in. He rolled around a little in search of his friend. The opened bathroom’s door made him  run towards it.

          “Hyung, what’s the matter now?” he leaned to grab SeungHyun’s hands when he saw him crawled to the ground again, swinging back and forth.  Because his friend wouldn’t react, he followed his look. The first glimpse robbed him a short scream. He covered his mouth with both of his hands  and his cobwebby eyes followed the  blood trail covering the white bathroom tiles. The trail stopped  with a hand print on the mirror.
          SeungHyun gathered all of his strength and managed to get up. He stumbled numb to the mirror and put his own hand on the print – his hand was way bigger. He was about to faint when Ji’s helping arms caught him on time.
          “Hyung, come with me…” Ji barely spoke.  “We’ll think about it later, ok?”  he said struggling to lead SeungHyun towards the shower cabin. Even though he was a head shorter than his friend, he managed to get him inside. He turned on the water and stepped back. “You’ll feel better afterwards…”  he whispered without believing it.
          SeungHyun slowly nodded and JiYong left him alone.
          After an entire hour, time when  Ji felt like he will smash that door for a couple of times, SeungHyun exited. The white rope he was wearing made him look even bigger than he already was and his inexpressive face  couldn’t betray any feelings he must’ve had. He slowly sat on the big armchair. With shaking hands he lit up a cigarette.
          “We were together last night, right?” he suddenly asked after minutes of absolute silence. 
          He  put out the cigarette blowing the last smoke and waited for Ji’s answer while lighting up a new one.
          “No… I mean yes…” Ji said hesitating.  “You were the first to leave the party last night though…”
          “I can’t remember anything” SeungHyun said massaging his aching temples.
          Ji would’ve wanted to start a conversation but he just couldn’t think of anything to say.  Instead he remembered the blooded tiles and suddenly got up. He rushed straight to the bathroom.                             SeungHyun silently eye-followed him, lighting up the fifth cigarette.
          “You… you cleaned it…” Ji returned a little frightened.
         “Yes” SeungHyun replied without looking at him.
Several noisy knocks on the door made his eyes tear up again but he struggled not to show it.
“Hyung!!” SeungRi barged in.
He was the youngest of them all, but definitely an important part in the visual appearance field of their famous five boy band members.
“Hyungs, haven’t you heard?” he barely breathe.
“Hear what?...” JiYong asked trying to calm down the younger.
“There has been a murder here last night!” Seungri answered in a beat stabbing Seunghyun’s heart until the two tears swipe down his cheeks.
“And… and what’s that supposed to do with us?...” Ji did his best to sound calm.
“Umm… Dae-hyung found the body…” the younger said “and they’re taking him down town to the precinct…”
“What?!” Seunghyun jumped up and ran out the door even though he couldn’t feel his heart beating anymore. His breath became heavier and heavier as he approached the crowd gathered somewhere down the hall, near the elevators.
“This is so odd” Jiyong thought for himself. He realized he never heard or saw anything out of the ordinary when he answered the door less than an hour ago.
“Daesung-ah!” Seunghyun shouted to make his way up to his friend.
“Hyung!” he replied but Seunghyun couldn’t hear it anymore. He looked with his hands for a place to lean on, and clenched his eyes tight. The sudden image of that woman’s headless body brutally assaulted his mind. He saw his hands touching the very bright ruby that was now lying in a great puddle of blood. He remembered the woman’s face and her big smile, wearing that ruby so he quickly opened back his eyes to search for a redeeming image. He found it on his friends’ faces, even if he couldn’t yet hear them. He left all of his weigh on the wall behind him and he voicelessly followed Ji as he was asking someone to cover up the dead body. When Ji returned to his side, he slowly mumbled:
“Lee Yong – noona…” 
Ji’s eyes tear up in a blink.

“W…what?” he whispered back.
“Lee young – noona” Seunghyun said as quiet as before.   
“Don’t you dare saying that again!” Ji muttered grabbing his arm when he started to lose the ground under his feet.
“Is he alright?” one of the many policemen asked sincerely, seeing Seunghyun ready to collapse.
“Ah, yes, he’ll be alright!” Ji quickly answered. “He’s just… a little more sensitive, that’s all…” he tried to smile politely dragging Seunghyun away.
“I have to tell them…” Seunghyun would’ve wanted to bear out but his body didn’t help him.
“Tell them what?!” Ji whispery snapped at him. “You’ll keep your mouth shut until we figure this out! Got it?” he kept on whispering until he opened the room’s door. “Don’t come out unless I say so, OK?” he calmed down easily pushing his senior inside.
Seunghyun nodded quietly looking for his cigarette pack on the table. He grabbed it and turned it upside down.
“Damn…” he said throwing the empty pack on the ground. He sighed scratching his head.
It all turned so quiet that not s single noise could be heard from behind the door. He listened the quietness for some time, and then he rested his head on the big armchair’s back. A loud thunder took him rushing to the window. He slowly pushed away the thick drapes to look outside. An engine-like sound made his eyes lose their color. The white rope he was wearing fell on the armchair and the door got closed leaving the room completely empty.
The black boots seamed to not skip any single puddle on the ground. After a short while, they stop before a black Harley Davison. They ride it and noisily disappear in the night.
Someone was knocking on the door.
Seunghyun covered his eyes with the small pillow and turned his back to the noise.
“Hyung, open up please!” Jiyong shouted from behind the door.
Seunghyun opened one lazy eye but quickly closed it back when the powerful sunrays hit it. He groaned loudly and angrily opened both of his eyes when the knockings wouldn’t stop. The first glimpse around made him fall off his bed with a scream.
“Hyung? Hyung!” Ji shouted again hitching around.
Seunghyun crawled on the floor trying to escape the red-blooded hands that kept on following his. Even though he realized they were his own he really wished he could throw them away right now.  Suddenly he recalled the other day. Trying to keep his balance, he stumbled loudly to the bathroom.
“Thank you” Ji smiled at the maid who opened the door with her big bundle of keys. He quickly bowed politely and stepped inside.
“Hyung?” he whispered as if he was afraid someone might actually answer.
The sudden shower noise hurried his steps to the bathroom. He froze in the doorstep following the blood trail from Seunghyun’s hands down to the white drain where it disappeared rapidly.
Seunghyun stunned in his favorite posture – hugging his knees and swinging back and forth.
Ji kneeled beside him. He stared at him without being able to say if the water pouring on his face were tears or just the jumping drops of the shower.
“H… hyung…” Ji barely said although he actually wanted to speak out loud.
“I don’t know…” Seunghyun was quick on answering without even watching at his friend. “I must go to the police…” he said again trying his best not to let show the quaver that gave away his real state of mind.
“What for?!” Ji burst out a lot louder than he wanted. “Stop fooling around!” he said turning off the water. “We’ll figure it out somehow…” he lowered his tone.
“Figure WHAT out?!” Seunghyun jumped up. “I’m a murderer, don’t you get it?!” he shouted grabbing Ji’s collar neck, gluing him against the nearest wall.
“No… no you’re not…” Ji mumbled only after the stubborn bump climbed down to his stomach.
“Oh, God! I’m so sorry, Ji!...” Seunghyun started crying nesting his eyes in Ji’s chest. “I’m so sorry…” he kept on saying while he squatted to the ground again.
“Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Kang” one of the two policemen said.
“I wish I could say it was my pleasure, officer, but… not for this…” the young man answered with a low voice, trying his best not to look down on the pictures in from of him.
Usually he stood up and proudly wore his nickname – Daesung the smiling angel – but not today. Today his warm heart and his full of kindness, joyful eyes were subdued, unlit and slow on reacting.      
He took a short sip from the plastic water cup before he put it back on the table with shaky hands.
“If you remember anything else, please don’t hesitate in giving us a call” said the other cop.
“Yes, of course, but… there’s nothing else to remember…” he said in trembling voice.
Why would he try to remember more when all he wanted was to forget the scent of that terrifying image?  He greeted with a short bow, then he pushed the cold handle. As if he just encountered a hope-fairy, his eyes got to their natural size and his skin got back the right amount of red.
A soft voice greeted him joyfully:
“Oh, hyung! You’re done?” said the thin dark haired boy.
“Thanks for waiting guys!” he hugged tightly on the youngster, making Seungri feeling so sorry for his senior.
“Are you OK?” Taeyang, his other friend, asked.
“No, I’m not” Daesung answered having a hard time to let go of the hug. “I just wanna go home…” he said turning back to his tired, emotionless face.
“C’mon, let’s go!” Taeyang said grabbing Dae’s shoulders. Even if he was a little shorter than both of the boys, he had the manliest features and his blondish hair completed his image in an extremely attractive way.
“Hyungs are not here?” Daesung asked a little disappointed, looking around.
“No…” Seungri answered.
“I had no idea Seunghyun-hyung was so tender-hearted…” Taeyang said covering up his head with a black cap.
“Oh…” Daesung said when a couple of flashlights hit his eyes. All of them rose their hands before their eyebrows to protect themselves from the hundreds of flashlights that came next.
“What did CEO said about this?” Taeyang asked in a hurry, covering his face even better with the cap.
“Where are our bodyguards?” Daesung answered through a question.
“Hyungs, this way!” Seungri said pulling their hands.
Daesung glanced one last time at all that crowded flashes and dozen people that almost reached him, calling out his name. A soft cold breeze touched his sweated cheek throwing icy thrills down his spine. He easily shook his head and took a deep breath. He already looked a little better – his eyes got back their entire iris reflecting the full moon as it was – big, yellow and round.
“Hyung, c’mon! Seungri turned to grab his arm when he realized he wasn’t following them.
“Yes…” Daesung nodded blinking twice to chase away the night star from his vision.  
Seunghyun rested his head on the back of his big armchair as he always did when he needed to relax. Even though his eyes were closed, his eyeballs kept on searching something.
“I’m not cold” he said without moving at all when Ji covered him with a blanket.
“But… you’re shaking” Ji answered looking at his clenched shaking hands.
Suddenly Seunghyun opened wide his eyes. He jumped up staring at a certain point in the ceiling.
“W… what is it? Jiyong whispered searching the thing the stared at. “Hyung?...” he quickly turned around to look for his friend who was nowhere to be found. In just three steps he reached the door. He burst it open and looked outside – still no one. He got back inside for a more detailed search, but the room was surely empty.  He slowly covered himself with the soft blanket he brought for Seunghyun, curled up in the big armchair Seunghyun used to sit and just looked around without even moving a muscle.
A big thud opened up his eyes. He had to blink several times before he understood that the darkness was inside the room, not in his eyes. He threw a quick glance out the big window which revealed a big, bright moon through the thick drapes. Another thud, weaker this time, made him prick up his ears in an attempt to identify it. He quietly sat up. Soon enough he understood the thuds – they were actually discrete knockings on the door. He calmed down his heart with a gentle touch, then he crept away from the blanket.
“Just a moment!” he hummed stepping one step at a time. His right hand stretched up front touched the door’s handle pushing it a little too hard. The door loudly opened and something heavy knocked him down to the ground.
Even though he planned on not to scream, the reaction came on itself.
The “something heavy” quickly gathered all into one place, somewhere next to the corner of the bed.
Ji jumped up wildly searching the power switch. He covered half of the wall in less than three seconds until his fingers reached it. A white, warm light dressed up the entire room. Another short scream made Ji cover his mouth with his right hands while his eyes doubled their size on his blooded left hand. He did a quick checkup to find the wound that could’ve cause all that bleeding when a soft cry froze him.
“Is he asleep?” Taeyang stopped reading the boring magazine when his friend came in, quietly shutting the bedroom’s door behind him.
“Yes” Seungri answered sitting next to him.
“Poor Daesung-ah…” Taeyang sighed throwing the magazine back to its place.
“Yeah… Well, at least he reacted a little better…” Seungri chuckled thinking about Seunghyun’s reaction.
“Yeah… I never thought Seunghyun-hyung could be this weak…” he yawned throwing his hands above his head.
“Well… I’m not going home” Seungri said imitating him.
“Me neither” Taeyang replied getting his feet up on the coffee table in front of him. “You heard that?” he suddenly jumped up, listening.
“Mnm…” Seungri nodded.
They kept it quiet. The moans they heard seemed to have stopped.
“Probably hyung’s having a bad dream…” Seungri whispered.
“Maybe’s better to go check on him” Taeyang began talking but his words hot hung up when the strange noises began even louder from behind the bedroom’s door.
They quickly exchanged looks but they weren’t yet sure if they had to interfere or not.
“It sounds as if he’ll suffocate!” Taeyang jumped to the door.
After he took merely two steps, he suddenly stopped. The moaning and the whines were replaced by a strange new noise. It sounded like someone was knocking on the window. Seungri’s eyes got lost somewhere in his friends’. Both of them stopped their breaths to concentrate only on the unidentified sound. It was indeed the noise of some knockings on the window.  
Even though he wouldn’t wanted to make it visible, Taeyang took a deep breath and stepped once.
“What are you doin’…” Seungri desperately whispered.
“What do you think I’m doing?! We’re up the 10th floor! Taeyang tried to sound brave, but he really couldn’t hide the emptiness in his stomach. He bravely got to the window and pulled off the thick drapes in one move.
“See? Really now, what you’d thought it could be?...” he would’ve asked if he wouldn’t  have had to freeze in the white, glowing eyes that stared at him. He didn’t even notice the absence of Seungri. The horrifying growl seemed like it gathered up an echo, but he still couldn’t move. His mind was a constant battle between his survival instincts that yelled as loud as they could and his numb, senseless body that simply wouldn’t react.
The loud scream from the bedroom was the only thing that triggered the urge he needed to snap out of it. He rushed to the door pushing the handle up and down. The door wouldn’t open, so he tried again and again.
“Hyung! Hyung!! Open up!” he yelled banging his fists on the door when Daesung’s screams got even louder.
“Kiddo!”  he suddenly remembered about Seungri. He turned to look for him but instead his eyes got twice as big: something big like some sort of really sharp knifes smashed the door into pieces. Taeyang instantly curled to the ground when other three sharp “knifes” almost cut off his head. He quickly crawled several times backwards when he realized the knifes were actually really long claws. The strange looking hairy creature landed in front of him. Again he had to hold his breath when the big foul-smelling mouth growled at him showing off its sharp teeth that seemed glued one to the other with thick and thin saliva columns. He almost got touched by them, but this time he was quick on reacting – he crept between the creature’s feet, bursting inside the bedroom.
“Hyung!” he yelled grabbing the sheets on Daesung’s bed. Except for some blood stains, there was nothing else in there. Well, he didn’t quite had the time to think about it since the creature announced its attack through a new terrifying roar. It rushed to Taeyang, but right before it could touch him, he threw the stained sheets on its face.
He ran as fast as he could but neither time nor the sheet could slow the creature enough for him to escape. It almost caught him when the creature suddenly squealed.  Taeyang turned around to find out the reason. A long howl froze him – a beautiful white wolf hovered around the kneeled creature.
This was Taeyang’s spare time to sit and observe. He remained seated there, on the floor, ready to crawl back if he needed to.
 The wolf thrust its shiny fangs into the creature’s back, and even though it was half of its size, it still managed to kneel the creature for the second time. Not for long, because the creature redeemed fast enough and a rabid fight began.
Taeyang stood there watching, until the hairy creature shoved its long claws into the wolf’s white fur. He understood he’ll be next in line if he wouldn’t disappear soon, so he got up and rushed out the door. The gruesome  noises from the bedroom made him stop right before he reached the main exit door. Without any second thoughts he grabbed a pointed piece of what it used to the bedroom door and barged back inside. Right now it was quite difficult to decide who was bad and who was good, but it seemed like the wolf needed more help. He gathered all of his bravery and in one true war cry he jumped stabbing the creature’s shoulder. His actions ended here, with a powerful blow he received from the bleeding monster. He hit the wall smashing against it and the wounded creature fled out the window, scattering it into billions of shiny little pieces.
Taeyang could barely breathe, his eyes becoming heavier and heavier. He couldn’t forget the strange looking creature… it seemed like it was some kind of werewolf… If his head wouldn’t hurt so badly he might’ve even smile at this crazy thought.  His eyes already began to cover themselves with a white fog when the wolf quietly approached him. It didn’t look so white as before. It had like a red necklace around his neck and its white fur became grey from all the falls and hits it received. A sweet, familiar scent made Taeyang finally close his eyes as the wolf faded away slowly.
A short thud opened wide his eyes. He had to blink several times before he managed to understand that the darkness haven’t swallowed his vision, but the entire room. He quickly looked for the window. It was covered with the think drape but it could still reveal the outline of the big round morning moon. A second thud, weaker this time, made him perk up. He carefully listened until he was able to identify the sound: it was nothing more than knockings on the door. He calmed his heart by gently pushing it with one hand while he easily slid outside the blanket.
“Just a moment…” he hummed stepping quietly to the door.
His right hand, upfront stretched, pushed the handle a little tougher than he planned. He door burst out opened and something knocked him down on the ground. Although he didn’t wanted to scream, the reaction came on itself.  In less than a split of a second he jumped back up, frenetically looking for the small switch on the wall. His hand covered half of the big wall in less than two moves and quickly pressed the small button.
The white light embraced the entire room with its warm glow.  A new short scream made him cover up his mouth. His left hand forced his mouth to keep it quiet while his eyes got lost on the blood gliding down on his right palm.  He did a flash self-check-up – the blood wasn’t his. A soft cry stopped his breath. He rolled over until he bumped on a curled up Seunghyun, shaking and swinging back and forth.
“Hyung!” he couldn’t restrain a scream. “Hyung, are you OK?” he grabbed his friend’s face in his palms looking for the wounds what covered half of his face in blood.
Seunghyun wouldn’t react at all; his eyes were lost somewhere beyond Ji’s reach. He just kept shaking and swinging, hugging tight his knees.
“Oh my God, hyung…” Jiyong babbled in between his sobbing, trying to clean the blood on his senior – it already overrode all the way down to his shoulder blade. He struggled a little to help him up, slipping in underneath his big arm.  They stodgily got to the bathroom. Ji placed Seunghyun inside the shower cabin and turned on the water.  
The cold flush suddenly touching his head made him snap out. He fought his invisible enemy for a short while until he  understood it was merely water.    
“What the fuck are you doing?!” he roared fighting a little more to get the right tap.
He didn’t really waited the answer anymore after he caught sight of the blood on Ji’s hand.  He grabbed his shoulders, checking him up.
“Jiyonggi, I…”
“No, hyung…” Ji barely whispered “…it’s not mine…” he said holding on his hands.
“…I … again?...” Seunghyun eased, turning around to follow the reddish water in the shower cabin. A sharp pain craved out the back of his neck turning everything around black, until even Ji’s terrified voice faded away.
Powerful knocks on the door made Taeyang’s eyelids to shiver. He could hear voices but he couldn’t yet distinguish the words. A dull pain in the back of his head made his hand rise up to it. The warm, slippery liquid got him up, but again, the pain forced him to grab a hold on something. He leant on the crumpled bed, trying to keep his balance.
“This is the police! Open up!” the knock became louder.
“I’ll be right there…” he whispered claiming it as a shout.
He stumbled towards the entrance door from the next room. He had just a few more steps until he reached it, when he felt something fleshy underneath his feet.  He instantly forgot about the policemen outside the door. He jumped down, grabbing Daesung’s face in his hands. 
“Daesung! Daesung-ah!!” he shouted looking for the wound that already colored the white, soft carpet. “Help! Someone please help!” he kept on shouting when he discovered the perforating wounds from his blade bone.
He wouldn’t want to move, so he just waited for the policemen to break down the door. It didn’t happen. The sound of some keys spinning inside the lock doubled up his eyes when Seungri barged in, kneeling before him.
“I’m sorry, hyung! I am so sorry! Please forgive me!” the youngster cried rivers, bowing to Taeyang.
“Kiddo…” Taeyang wanted to say something nice to him, but he just understood where he disappeared last night, and right now he was really mad on him.  He just threw a mumbled “It’s ok, kid… It could’ve been worse…”.
Seungri kept crying and asking for forgiveness. He explained, through deep sighs, how he ran away last night, wanting to reach the nearest precinct but he fainted on the streets and barely this morning he could come back into his senses.
Jiyong’s eyes got lost over his senior’s wounds that stretched from his neck all the way down to his left shoulder bone. A quiet knock startled him so much that he literally fell off the armchair he was on.  He threw a quick glimpse to make sure Seunghyun wasn’t bothered by this noises, then he tiptoed to the door opening it with one move.
“K… kid?...” he stared at Seungri’s red and swollen eyes. “What happened?” he softly asked grabbing his shoulders to guide him inside. He greeted Taeyang with a smile but once again his eyes got lost on Daesung’s neck bandages.
“Wh… what…” he would’ve ask but  the words wouldn’t come out.
“What’s wrong with him?” Taeyang quickly asked seeing Seughyun asleep in the bed.
“I… I really don’t know… I found him this way…” Ji lied covering him up a little better.  “But what about you? What happened to ya’ll? “ he said a little louder than a mere whisper, checking everybody from head to toes.
“But it wasn’t your fault…” suddenly Seunghyun said in low voice, followed by a soft whine, making everybody to startle. He got up without haste, easily pulling his rope over his wounded shoulder. He froze in place when  Daesung’s bandages got his eyes.
“Dongsaeng…” he barely muttered looking for a spot on the floor to help him change the image assaulting his mind. But all he succeeded was to add even the noises of a terrifying fight with growls and howls. He quickly found the bound he needed in Jiyong’s arm when he felt the ground disappearing from under his feet, turning everything black again.
“Hyung!” Ji called out his name.
“Hyung…” Daesung whispered holding back his tears, watching the boys as they struggled to get their senior back in bed.
All of a sudden, Seungri just froze.
“What’s the matter, kid?” Taeyang grabbed his sleeve but Seungri wouldn’t answer. He just ignored him and stepped out the door.
They all exchanged looks but none followed him, they knew he will be back soon.
Her  bright yellow hair set off an intriguing image with the deep red ruby she was wearing around her neck.  She wasn’t afraid to swing along through the narrow, dark alley.
Three long knifes grimly shined in the sudden moon’s light. They loudly scratched the brick wall as they walked by it.
The heels seemed to have stopped.
The knifes did too.
The girl looked around squeezing her coat better to her body. She started walking again. In just two steps her horrifying scream got sharply cut by the blood springing the brick wall. The ruby necklace landed just a couple of feet further but her eyes looked like they were staring at it from her hanging head; they got stuck somewhere where the upper eyelids should’ve been and her bright blond hair scattered its own blood in a thick red trail.   
A low groan made all three boys flinch. Taeyang and Jiyong rushed to help Seunghyun up, even though he didn’t looked like he needed it anymore.
“Hyung? Hyung are you ok?” Ji tried to get into those frozen black eyes of his friend. He grabbed him carefully by the shoulders. “Hy…ung…” he mumbled when Seunghyun disappeared from his arms. He quickly turned around just to find him in the doorstep clenching his big hand into Seungri’s delicate neck.
Seungri barely came and he was about to knock when the door burst out open and Seunghyun grabbed his throat. 
“Hyung!” Ji shouted.
“Hyung, let go!” Taeyang hung on his arm.
Seungri tried to speak but he couldn’t get the air to reach his lungs anymore and a shy blood thread came slipping down towards his upper lip.
“Choi Seunghyun!!” Ji bawled edging between the two of them.  He spooked a little seeing the senior’s completely black eyes, but the gloomy bones-breaking sound placed his hands on Seunghyun’s chest, pushing it away with all of his powers.
“…hyung…” Seungri managed to moan before he slowly glided on the door arch.
Seunghyun’s eyeballs got their natural brown back and his breath rustled.
“Kid!! Kiddo! Seungri-ah!” he rushed to help the youngster but froze when him, with the last of his powers, reached his hands up in a gesture one does only to protect himself. He started crying and shaking and could barely walk when Jiyong and Taeyang helped him inside the room.
“Calm down, Seungri-ah…” Daesung softly said giving his armchair to him.
Seunghyun returned with a shaky glass of water, but the youngster still wouldn’t accept anything from him.
“Kid… I’m..” he said handing the glass to the first person next to him.
“Choi Seunghyun” Ji said grabbing the glass “…there’s nothing else you can do here… Please, leave us…” he rejected his help, but not because he wouldn’t want it, but because he was afraid that in a situation like this, the senior might tell everyone about his stormy mornings. It was not like he didn’t trusted his friends, it was more that he knew that after today they’re gonna push him away at least for a while, so this really wasn’t the best timing.
Seunghyun backed out, hardly holding up his tears. He watched the boys taking good care of the youngest member and suddenly his feelings startled his body into a painful pride and guilt mash. He knew, just by looking at them, that he could trust in them anytime, but not just yet… he couldn’t burden them with the horridness of his amnesic actions. He didn’t even realize when did he got on this devious, dark alley. He rolled around a couple of times scanning the surroundings, but its location remained unknown. If the moon wouldn’t have shown its round face from underneath that thin cloud, he couldn’t even see where he would be stepping. He froze, standing still and upright. Suddenly a sharp pain bent him from the waist down, making him to almost scream in anguish. 
Her red hair sparkled like a last flame in the tender moon's light. She ran over the small alley trying her best not to scream. She was mentally cursing the minute she decided to take her night walk in this god forsaken park from outside the city. She really didn’t wanted to meet her death tonight, but there it was, chasing her all over the small, deserted alleys.  She was too busy to feel pain right now, only the three sharp knifes ruled over her mind, as fresh and shiny as they looked when they pierced her shoulder. Her legs started failing her, so she thought it will be safer if she’ll hide amongst the trees. A sudden brake threw her on the ground, snapping and popping the dried leaves under her. She couldn’t restrain her scream anymore and she shouted form the top of her lungs when some sort of a white dog appeared from nowhere just in front of her. She covered her mouth quickly, understanding that she exposed her precise location now. She watched the white dog with teary eyes as it came really close to her, so close that she could feel his warm breath on her hands. The red ruby she was wearing mirrored strangely in its eyes. Just before she would react in anyway the “dog” howled, making her to cover her face in fear.
A single thud, a short squeal and then everything turned quiet. The only noise was her beating heart and her heavy breaths.  She uncovered her eyes slowly.  An incontrollable quiver spread through all of her body. She got up, still shaking. Leaning on every tree she encountered, she advanced towards the big lighting pole from several feet away.
A couple of lurching footsteps made him blink twice as fast until  his sight got clear. He was looking at his feet and his hands were crossed above his head. When the footsteps got close enough, he raised his eyes but just to see a falling body over him. He quickly caught it, helping it to reach the ground safely. The long, red hair pointed out a female body. He slowly turned it face up and watched it. It was indeed a girl’s body, a beautiful young girl. Even though she was a total stranger for him, she could’ve been his latest victim. He stared at her until the blood on her shoulder started coloring the cold asphalt. He gasped loudly understanding that she was indeed what he feared the most. He gathered his strength, got her in his arms and quickly looked for a way out of this maze that seemed to be nothing more but an unknown park. While he was hurrying on the narrow alleys he couldn’t help asking how was she able to escape from him. The fact that he haven’t once again awaken in a blood bath, but he instead  met the one he was about to slaughter, made him think that either he was getting weaker or this girl was something special. He had to shake his head several times to cleanse the road from the tears covering his eyes.
He took a deep breath then easily hit the white door with the tip of his shoe. In less than two seconds Jiyong opened up, freezing in the doorstep.
“Hyung…” he barely slurred.
Seunghyun heard his friend saying something more but he couldn’t listen to him right now. He rushed the girl to his bed and carefully placed her in.
“Did you…” Jiyong came following him.
“I don’t know!” he snapped before Ji got to finish his sentence.
“Are… are you OK?...” Ji struggled to ask this simple question for his eyes kept being drawn by the girl’s wound.   
“No…” Seunghyun answered gathering his hair up in his palms.
He was absently watching the girl in his bed when Ji’s voice scared him again:
“Who is she?”
“I don’t know!” he flinched visibly. He fearfully caressed her hair. “I don’t know…” he whispered touching her wounded shoulder.
“What you’re trying to do?!” Ji stopped his hands when he started unzipping the sweatshirt she was wearing.
Seunghyun couldn’t take this question seriously, so he kept on pulling the cloth until it came off. He folded it in half and threw it away. On its way to the armchair, it rolled over revealing the contents of its pockets. His heart stopped beating for a second when his big black eyes mirrored the same red ruby as the one Lee Yong noona wore.
“Hyung…” Jiyong picked it up. “…isn’t this…” he asked carefully checking it up.
Seunghyun simply nodded while gathering up everything else – some banknotes and a library pass.
“Park RinNah…” he read it out loud. “It doesn’t mean anything…” he said massaging his temples, trying to remember something that it just wasn’t there. Suddenly he remembered something. He rolled his eyes around and asked: “…where are the…” he would’ve said ‘the guys’ but he wasn’t sure he was still allowed to have such an informal language towards them.
“They all went to the hospital with…” usually Ji would’ve use ‘kiddo’ but today he summed it up as formal as he could: “… with Lee Seunghyun” he said coldly, stabbing Seunghyun’s heart. Him and the youngster shared the same surnames, so that’s why everybody called the younger ‘Seungri’ or ‘kid’. 
“He claimed he couldn’t breathe anymore” Ji quietly mumbled.
Seunghyun couldn’t find a response to this, he dropped his eyes on the white towel he took to clean the girl’s shoulder.

The first ribbon of light slowly tickled the shut almond eyes. The black bags underneath them marked the sleepless night he had, and so did the great pain in his stomach. He quickly opened his eyes when Seunghyun’s big hand came back to grab his throat. He slowly calmed down looking around. He was alone in the white, hospital room. Two hurried tears dashed across his face. He slowly got off the bed looking at the smashed window in front of him. The pain in his stomach stole him a long sigh and a big frown when he lifted his blouse. A big bloody – black exfoliating wound stretched from his waist line towards the ribs. He quickly covered it back, sighing. He easily kicked out of his way the window’s blinds that were laying on the floor, crumpled up. The entire room looked like there was a fight in there, but he didn’t care, he just needed to get out of this place as soon as possible.

He had no idea if the cold shivers down his spine were because of the freezing weather of because the images from last night still tormented his mind. His fingers clenched on his thick arm, even if it stopped bleeding long ago. He felt no pain, just the icy wind stinging on every little piece of his body. He rolled his eyes just as much as he needed to get a glimpse at Daesung, who laid on the ground, arms wide stretched. He looked like he was asleep but he wasn’t; his senses were tensed to the max, but he didn’t had the courage to open up his eyes. He knew that somewhere next to him there must be his wounded friend, too afraid to even move. The ruthless wind whipped his face, but he still didn’t dare to change his stance; actually he saw this as a too low punishment for what he did last night. He knew what he did was unthinkable, but he had no idea why he did it, nor how to prevent it from happening again. Suddenly he jumped up when the puny dried leafs started smashing under someone’s feet.
Taeyang finally found the strength to get up.
“YoungBae-ah!” Daesung said in a breath.
Because he didn’t saw this coming, Taeyang startled, falling back down on the rusty ground making the leafs swishing every which way. Daesung stretched out his helping hand, but his friend misread the gesture and he shuffled back terrified.
“YoungBae…” Daesung barely whispered, stepping slowly, once at a time.
“Please… Please Daesung-Ah… not today… Just leave me alone!...” Taeyang begged when his back reached a thick tree.
Taeyang wasn’t the cowardly type, in fact all of the opposite! Every time he proved to be the ‘heart of a lion’ in so many occasions, but today… today he was mind blown; he couldn’t count on his feelings anymore, not even on his words. He needed a time to understand the feeling he had to fear Daesung even though something even stronger made him think he had to help Daesung. He clearly refused to believe that his friend tried to kill him. He knew there must’ve been logic somewhere, but he wasn’t able to see it just yet.
Daesung stared at him for a bit, while the guilt curled against him like an insidious snake, covering up his conscience up to the level of pain. He couldn’t forgive himself either although he knew it wasn’t totally his fault, but he also knew he wouldn’t survive to a similar episode. He’d rather kill himself than to hurt one of his friends ever again. And what was even worst… this was the second time he hurt one of them.

“I’m going to leave town…” he said in a shaking voice and turned away.

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